Sunday, May 1, 2011

squeeeeaky clean!

thankkkk you land lords for including a house cleaner in our monthly rent. we keep this house pretty clean, but with the granite floors it is a challenge. the house cleaners came today & saved the day! the granite has been the happening place over the past two weeks.

i fostered 4 boys for 4 days... loved them, but things got a bit messy.

senior wills & awards was on tuesday. this is basically when the senior kappas pass down funny awards they've received over the years. each award comes with a little bottle of wine or some sort of alcoholic beverage. this event it open to all of the members, so there were a lotttt of girls crammed into our little courtyard/house. how about you beauuuuutiful seniors don't graduate.. thanks.

andddd friday night was bar golf. the pregame/where the buses picked us up was... at the granite haha. everyone mainly stayed in the court yard and back house. it was a really fun night! it was much needed after my week from hell.
had soo much fun with these boys!
stop number 1..
just some roomie love.

nowww my house smells so clean & lemonyyy

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