Friday, May 6, 2011

parental help ticket

so, i am constantly calling my parents for basically anything and everything. you name it. here are a few recent help tickets off the top of my head....


"well how do i put the duvet cover back on the easy way?"
"how do i mince garlic?"
"alright, how do i cook that?" ("that" meaning just about anything)
"where can i find white wedges like right now?"


"what do i need to kill aunts?"
"what does it mean if my computer screen just went blue?"
"how do i get skuffs off of leather shoes?"
"how do i cook...(fill in the blank)"
"mother's day ideas?"


"dad, why is my key not coming out of the ignition?"
"there's some pole thing underneath my car thats connected to this other thing."
(dad's response: "kylie, a pole is not a car part" haha!)

what would i do without them?!

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