Wednesday, May 18, 2011



some things i notice constantly at the arizona rec center that i just do not understand.

1. what the hell are these things? do they give you spidey powers or something? i seriously do notttt get these shoes. they are horrid.

2. attention u of a girls: these are equivalent to UNDERWEAR. we do not want to see your ass hanging out while you're on the eliptical. maybe you are trying to get some attention (barf), but it should be ILLEGAL for everyone except a victoria's secret model to wear these in public.

3. this is obviously a cuter picture of PDA because what i see at the gym makes me want to vom. why make out with your boyfriend/girlfriend at the gym? contain yourself for an hour until you are at home. thanks.

4. putting on a cake full of make up on pre-gym sesh. como? this is an infamous trend in arizona apparently. once again, a concept i do notttt understand.


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