Saturday, May 7, 2011

stage 5 vs. doucheyyy

let me preface that this post is coming from an annoyed/frustrated kylie.

so, i've come to the conclusion that the only single guys in this world (arizona) are stage fives and douche bags

stage five clingers:
you have no idea that you're creepy. you text... we don't respond. you call.. we don't answer. you text again... still no response. i think you get the cycle. you talk about your future wives (hi, we are only 21. go to utah if you want a wifey. [no offense]) girls want to run so far away from you because you're ready for little children and a picket fence like... tomorrow! no. not normal.
you're all weird.

douche bags:
now, you guys know you're tools. you're over confident (also known as COCKY) and generally good looking. mind games are your specialty. girls keep going back to you because you know how to get inside their brains and do gymnastics. girls have a love/hate relationship with you boys. you make girls want to pull their hair out.

that is all.

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