Sunday, May 15, 2011

eye opening weekend

sorry for the lack of blogging lately. i had a busyyy last week/weekend. alex came to play in scorching tucson and it was also graduation weekend! to say the least, it was a really fun weekend.

there's a few things i learned after this weekend:

1. i miss home so much. i miss my family, friends, and just utah all together. al brought a taste of home when she came to play this weekend, which made me miss it more.

2. alarm systems are frrrrrustrating. which brings me to #3 & #4...

3. i've learned who my real friends are. i've realized which friendships aren't worth the effort anymore. i learned, from an outside perspective, that i will be happier without the baggage.

4. i miss the spontaneousness of my friends from home. this weekend al and i spontaneously went to a hotel at 12:30 in the morning. huuugeee king bed and then laid out at the pool when we woke up. it was just what i needed.

5. bug spray is the only way to kill bugs. i know you guys have to remember me ranting about those damn little bugs that were in my bathroom. i tried two different types of bug traps and finally, this weekend, al and i went to home depot and got bug spray. no more bugs for meee :) :)

6. i was shown some pictures of my past... & it's lookin a little chub chub. it's surprising how much someone can let themselves go. i am confident that it has a lot to do with who you are surrounded by. wahh wahh.

7. watching all my favorite seniors graduate was bitter sweet. i can't wait to graduate, but at the same time i just want time to stop so i don't have to go into the real world. scarrrrry!

8. speaking of graduation, i am so sick of school. i want to be doneeee. i had a week off and start again tomorrow. i am so not ready for it. my brain is frieddd.


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