Thursday, May 26, 2011

where's my mojo?

apparently i've lost complete motivation for life lately. haha after i got a few "your blog sucks now" texts, i figured i'd post something.

lately i've seriously been in a weird funk.. maybe it's because it's summer time? but seriously thoughhhh, i neeeeeed my motivation back (in more places than just blogging)

exhibit A: Kylie going to the gym
um.. this has turned into a joke. i have class from 9-noon everyday and come home and lay out (aka MELLLLLT) then maybe some studying.. maybe the gym (whatever i'm feeling). but the real joke here is me actually going to the gym..
ha okay, i get to the gym (not wanting to be there) and get on the stairmaster.... 14-15 minutes go by... "alright, i'm bored". so i try the eliptical because they have tvs.. 15 minutes later.. (no eye candy to keep me entertained).. "yeah, over it."

GUYS!! this is not like me. my mom says "hey, at least it's something." but negative miss madre, we know it's not. i usually look forward to gettin my sweat on, but seriously i've lost my mojo. i'm going to start bikram when i go home, so hopefully that helps.

exhibit B: any night that isn't FUKU Fridays
since presession has started i've wanted to be a little hermit unless it is friday. yeah, lame/not like me attt all. actually, recently monday night karaoke at the dub has spiked my interest.

instead of being the social butterfly that i normally am, i finish my hw... take a bubble bath (i know, such a girl move), light some candles (i've gone through two large ones this week.. oops), have a large class of vino.. or two, and jam to some jack johnson or nora jones.
maybe it's because it's summer and real school is out so i'm relaxing? i honestly don't know.

exhibit C: me...tonight
i have an economics test tomorrow and i'm blogging. case in point, that should explain my motivation level. i have mmm maybe looked at his slides once.
in the words of britt "fuck it, it's presesh."

sorry for the lack of posts, i'll try and step my game up. my lack of motivation has resulted in nothing interesting to blog about :(


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