Saturday, April 30, 2011


so, i've decided that i have a love/hate relationship with arizona. i love the almost constant warm weather and although school is raping me, i love eller. but after missing my cousin's baby shower today, easter last week, and wednesday addy bear days.. i decided i miss my fam bam & few close friends that i constantly keep in touch with way too much.

my madre
i think i miss her the most. always listening to me bitch and whine about something, but always has some sort of a solution.. or she just laughs at me. she is constantly telling me i need to find a new boy that is "none of the above" (she's sick of the boys i continue to go back to.. along with about 99% of my friends). when i'm home it's all about shopping, vino nights, and gin rummy. miss herrrr

phil & the nut mut
i don't have a picture of phil, but god, he is great. best step dad anyone could ask for. without fail, phil can make me laugh at any point of the day. he is also my computer savior. my computer crashed last weekend and he was all over getting me a new one before i started finals on monday when he is in a completely different state.
annnnd carleigh.. haha that dog is one of a kind. absolutely nutty. she is convinced that meat comes from jesus (aka phil throwing left over meat from dinner outside) and that there are aliens in phil's office (shadows on the wall). she is pure entertainment!

dad & hes
i've gotten a lot closer to heston over the past 3-4 months and i wish i could be at home with him. it's an adventure everytime we facetime together. i'm either walking to/from the library or he is in phil's office with the crew and it's a constant laugh.
my dad has been impossible to get a hold of lately, but he is newly married and also building a house. i guess i can give him a little slack. he's always sending me picture updates of the new house (it is emaculate) and the snow in our backyard (because it's normal to snow in utah in april?)

although we talk, skype, and text on the reg.. i miss her sosos much. she can still read me like the back of her hand when we are in completely different states. she knows my good and bad habits better than anyone. she's coming to tucson in possibly october and i'm already antsy for it!

ha oh man, how i miss her absurd remarks. al is my only close single gal pal in utah. she is always down to do anything. about a month ago, we spent the whole day on 9th and 9th just goofing around. she is coming to visit me in tucson in 12 days!!! eek!

addy bear
alright, i dare you to try and tell me she isn't theeeee cutest 2 year old you have ever seen! she is getting so big so fast! i wish i could watch her grow up :( i live vicariously through kerstin's facebook and my mom's stories. my mom was telling me about a story from wednesday and even though it was sad (addy had little sores in her mouth), i was laughing so hard. i love when my mom immitates adelynne, it's almost identical to how she sounds.

ohhhh justin. we are constantly updating and venting to each other. he gives the best advice to me because A) he knows how i work and B) he translates everything to me from a boy's perspective. he also tells me how i need a BRAND NEW boy. haha clearly, everyone thinks i need a change.

i miss home even more just by writing this. i probably won't be going home until july... so it's going to be a long trek.



  1. You're just too cute Ky!! I miss you too!!!! And your Addy bear does.

  2. We missed you at the shower!!! Glad Lacee got to talk to you though! Love you!