Monday, May 16, 2011


okay guys, i've been on the struggle bus lately. i've been catching myself having several brain farts... i...

- seem to give people my cat card when they ask if i'm 21... error.

- keep finding myself wondering if i put conditioner in my hair after i shower. so, i always have to restart the shower and put conditioner in for the first/second? time.

- have become queeeeeeen of typing a text message and then thinking i sent it (iphone dilemma) and it fails and i just push the "P" button instead. everyone gets half of my texts after we have figured out whatever we were texting about. fail.

- continue to forget to turn on the air conditioner before i go to bed. let me tell you... i live in tucson (90ish degrees)... and i dieeee of heat when i sleep. i need to remember to turn it on!! derrr

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