Saturday, April 30, 2011


so, i've decided that i have a love/hate relationship with arizona. i love the almost constant warm weather and although school is raping me, i love eller. but after missing my cousin's baby shower today, easter last week, and wednesday addy bear days.. i decided i miss my fam bam & few close friends that i constantly keep in touch with way too much.

my madre
i think i miss her the most. always listening to me bitch and whine about something, but always has some sort of a solution.. or she just laughs at me. she is constantly telling me i need to find a new boy that is "none of the above" (she's sick of the boys i continue to go back to.. along with about 99% of my friends). when i'm home it's all about shopping, vino nights, and gin rummy. miss herrrr

phil & the nut mut
i don't have a picture of phil, but god, he is great. best step dad anyone could ask for. without fail, phil can make me laugh at any point of the day. he is also my computer savior. my computer crashed last weekend and he was all over getting me a new one before i started finals on monday when he is in a completely different state.
annnnd carleigh.. haha that dog is one of a kind. absolutely nutty. she is convinced that meat comes from jesus (aka phil throwing left over meat from dinner outside) and that there are aliens in phil's office (shadows on the wall). she is pure entertainment!

dad & hes
i've gotten a lot closer to heston over the past 3-4 months and i wish i could be at home with him. it's an adventure everytime we facetime together. i'm either walking to/from the library or he is in phil's office with the crew and it's a constant laugh.
my dad has been impossible to get a hold of lately, but he is newly married and also building a house. i guess i can give him a little slack. he's always sending me picture updates of the new house (it is emaculate) and the snow in our backyard (because it's normal to snow in utah in april?)

although we talk, skype, and text on the reg.. i miss her sosos much. she can still read me like the back of her hand when we are in completely different states. she knows my good and bad habits better than anyone. she's coming to tucson in possibly october and i'm already antsy for it!

ha oh man, how i miss her absurd remarks. al is my only close single gal pal in utah. she is always down to do anything. about a month ago, we spent the whole day on 9th and 9th just goofing around. she is coming to visit me in tucson in 12 days!!! eek!

addy bear
alright, i dare you to try and tell me she isn't theeeee cutest 2 year old you have ever seen! she is getting so big so fast! i wish i could watch her grow up :( i live vicariously through kerstin's facebook and my mom's stories. my mom was telling me about a story from wednesday and even though it was sad (addy had little sores in her mouth), i was laughing so hard. i love when my mom immitates adelynne, it's almost identical to how she sounds.

ohhhh justin. we are constantly updating and venting to each other. he gives the best advice to me because A) he knows how i work and B) he translates everything to me from a boy's perspective. he also tells me how i need a BRAND NEW boy. haha clearly, everyone thinks i need a change.

i miss home even more just by writing this. i probably won't be going home until july... so it's going to be a long trek.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

remember when...

as i sit here procrastinating to study i started thinking about the past... and how easy life used to be.

remember when...

you used to think high school was hard... then college came.

it was cool for boys to wear puka shells with frosted tips? haha yup. i'll admit that was my style in elementary.

drinking coffee meant you were deep and dark orrrr you were an adult? i thought it was the most disgusting drink ever and now i live on it.

sneaking out just to say you did it and then toiletpapering anyone who had good trees. that was definitely mine and meg's jam 9th grade and part of high school

giga pets? EVERY girl had one. period. had to feed that machine and make sure it went to the bathroom haha

your bed was "mysteriously" made and your laundry "magically" ended up on your chair all folded when you came home from school. thanks mama :)

OMG myspaceeeee! every girl had to change the design and layout of their myspace on the reg. you all did it.

you could eat anything and everything without having to go to the gym and you were magically 90 pounds. miss those days!

a high school break up was THE. END. OF. THE. WORLD. life was over, there was no point in living because so-and-so texted so-and-so and "omg, we broke up"

i never understood this one... saggy pants/JNCO jeans. why wear pants?

pulling all-nighters for fun/to say you did it... not because you had to study your life away.

anddd to all my SLCer's... umm hanging out at dan's grocery store on wasatch/desserts first on fridays for hourrrrs. granted, the brownie sundaes were soooo nummy!


Dear Eller College of Management,

give me my life back! gracias.
kylie's brain & health

Sunday, April 24, 2011

bro-ing out

this weekend was just the greatest. my bestyyy, feeps, and 3 of his friends came down to Tucson to play for the ending of their spring break. i offically feel like a bro after being with 4 guys for 4 days. they were the greatest. i've realized some things about boys...

- they don't stop eating.. i ate more this weekend than i have in 2 weeks. i've realize i HAVE to find me a guy who can grill because roley rocked my grill this weekend.

- they love beer. they went through beer like i go through water. my fridge was fully stocked every night!
(okay, my fridge didn't really look exactly like this, but i felt like it did!)

- manners. they had them!! i'm a sucker for manners. call me old-fashioned, but open my door and ill probably marry you. they cleaned, fed me, and were just the best house guests anyone could ask for!

- they watch more basketball than my attention span could handle. they are all lakers fans, so we watched the lakers game. but then there were like 5 more games after the lakers game. haha i couldn't handle it.

- they loveeee to sleep! they passed out anywhere and everywhere. i captured a few pictures of in a coma, but those are soon to come.

I ALREADY MISS THEM! i seriously want them to come back every weekend and hang out with me. they were basically my roomies all weekend.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bugs & convenience

two things that have nothing really in common..

i know all of you have experienced this: seeing and/or killing bugs and getting all squirmy. ick. i just killed this weird looking bug in my house (which NEVER happens) and i have the heebie jeebies! i feel like bugs are all over me. this happened the other night when i told you all about the roomies-trying-to-kill-mini-bugs incident. we felt like they were crawling under our skin. blah blah ickkkk.

okay, now convenience.. i've realized how big of a thing convenience is for me.
- i make large quantities of yummy pasta dishes so i can eat leftovers. convenient.
- i don't go get bug spray to kill all the creatures in my casa because it's not.. convenient.
- staying in tucson for the summer to take classes and possibly work. convenient.
- shopping at safeway, even though it's semi-expensive. conveniently close.
- living 10 steps from dirt bags. convenience.
- tweeting pointless tweets. convenience.
- my friends all ask me why i keep in contact with all the guys i've dated/gotten close with. yup, convenience. (my mom hates that this one is convenient. haha!)
- being in a relationship... mostly convenience.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

arizona norms?

i wish i had time to put some classy pictures up for you guys, but i am blogging right now because i am procrastinating to study for a test tomorrow, naturally.

in arizona, people seem to think the following things are normal:
1. wearing a crop top when you're on the larger side..
2. wearing stiletto heels, short short jean shorts, & a tight belly shirt... to class.
3. speaking at a decibel of 983472934 in the lib.
4. my personal favorite, wearing a sorority shirt to the gym.. that you have never been affiliated with.. ever.

herrrrrrow.. i swear none of these things are normal

Monday, April 18, 2011


some things i've been absolutely hooked on lately..

grapefruits. i have been eating this every morning and i think they are just so delish.

i've gotten back into jack johnson this past week. it reminds me of high school. definitely missed him.

i have always been into himym, but lately i've been watching it every second i have a break. barney makes me die of laughter.

braids. my hair is so close to being able to braid. i try everyday hoping that it grew over night haha.

blogging, blogging, blogging. i'm always thinking about stuff i can blog haha i'm such a dork.

thanks to eller, who lovesss scheduling all their tests during the same week, i have nights when i have absolutely nothing to do. i've gotten back into reading... for fun.

cottage cheese & fruit. it has become my most favorite snack. its my fave when i put peaches or pears in it.

although my mattress sucks, i've been such a hermit. i make my room into a cave and just sleep for hours. thank god my landlord is getting me a new mattress. :)

i'm so sick of my music. it's the same stuff over and over. even when its on random. pandora has become my go-to jam sesh.

I CAN'T STOP STUMBLING!!! i've wasted so many hours on this stupid site.

thanks to stumbleupon, i've collected quite the collection of easy recipes i want to try out. amanda and i decided we are going to become chefs over the summer. we'll see how that turns out.

bracelets. i especially like the wrap around ones. i love piling them on my wrists.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

jaw droppers

lately, it seems like every movie i watch there is a ridiculously good looking man. so good looking that i actually say "he is so beautiful/hot" out loud. the last movies i have watched are she's the man, new moon, and the devil wears prada (clearly i've been in a chick flick mood). they have five of the most beautiful men in them. ahh!

my longest and most recent obsession.. channing tatum. wow. words don't really need to elaborate his good looks. i was recently reminded of him when i watched she's the man last night with kort and supple.

i honestly didn't know anything about garrett hedlund before country strong. singing... guitar... uhh yeah that's all i need.

team edward? robert pattinson had me before the twilight movies even started coming out. he definitelyyyy rocks the vampire role. :)

orrrr team jacob? i fell inlove with him when i saw him shirtless in new moon. wow. ha yeah, i can't pick which team im on anymore.

the devil wears prada, a favorite of mine. although simon baker is a little bit older, he is still veryyyy handsome.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

wedding bells?

whether they have been dating for three weeks or three years, people my age are getting engaged left and right.

i. don't. understand.

don't get me wrong, i am happy for all of you, but every time i get on fb someone is engaged! i guess its obvious most of my fb friends are from good ole' utah.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

ky's cravings

my friends and family are constantly making fun of me and my cravings. when i get a craving for something i HAVE to have it!! i won't drop it until the craving is cured.

the cravings are usually sugary/unhealthy foods like tacos, mambas, sour worms (probably the most common), and mexican food.
last night's craving was brownies, which is another popular craving of mine.

for the life of me, i couldn't think of a place in Tucson that had to-die-for brownies. i just wanted ONE, not a whole batch. at 9:30, i finally decided to just bake some. the problem with baking desserts is that you can't just have ONE.. i always end up snacking on them until they're gone (clearly, i have no self control when it comes to sweets).

so far i've held strong and have only had one. hopefully my roomies get some cravings and dig in haha!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i've been told i have been slacking on the blog lately, sorry!

a few updates:
1. i am absolutely addicted to stumble upon. i can't stop. my roomie sophomore year told me about it, but i always thought she was entertained with stupid sites (love you britt :]). i finally tried it the other day and it consumes me. if you haven't ever tried it, i highly recommend it!

2. the movie, country strong, came out on dvd yesterday. naturally, amanda and i went right to redbox and watched it with a glass of vino. i could watch this movie over and over. garrett and leighton are amazing together.

3. i had my second interview with Target yesterday for a paid summer internship in tucson! the internship is for their executive team leader position. i have a third interview on friday morning, so everyone CROSS THEIR FINGERS for me!

4. the last update is gross, but kind of makes me laugh. we have discovered these baby bugs (smaller than ants) in our kitchen. i wish someone would have recorded us last night. imagine this: amanda, lauren, and i. two vaccuums. hairspray. & clorox wipes. we vacuumed them up and then attacked their home bases with hairspray. it makes me laugh because clearly we are a bunch of girls. we would resort to hairspray to kill microscopic bugs haha!

Friday, April 8, 2011

ky's hair journey

so, i got my hair done yesterday and while the lady was washing my hair (obviously the best part)it made me realize how many different hair styles i have rocked over the years. it made me laugh and also, wonder what the hell i was thinking with some of them.

okay, really? this was a long stage of my life and seriously, what the hell was i thinking? it makes me wonder why my parents let me color my hair like this for so long. don't get me wrong, this look was "in" for a short period of time. but, of course, i repped it for hmm.. circa 8th grade to junior year of high school.

this look was the first time i decided to ditch the black underneath. it wasn't toooo crazy blonde, but got rid of the dark. this was pretty much only senior year.

summer after senior year to november of freshman year of college. every girl at U of A sported the platnium blonde hair. this is when i first started getting my hair done in tucson by a guy by the name of gian carlo. hilarious, gay, italian man. being this blonde just made me another fish in the sea of a thousand other girls.

after a girl in my sorority took the plunge of chopping her hair, it gave me some inspiration. i made my friend, lacey, come to Gadabouts with me to make sure i didn't chicken out. Gian Carlo put my hair in a pony tail... and just snipped it off. my jaw (as well as lacey's) dropped. i had had long hair from the day i could remember. this was a huge step for me. everyone started calling me and my best friend, kortnie, twins.

this one was a gem. note to self: never tell a man from italy he can do whatever he wants with your hair cut!!! this hair dou was a disaster. i got my hair done right before i was going home to be in one of my friend's weddings. it was some asymmetical/half almost buzzed on one side hair cut. i couldn't put it in a pony tail to work out. luckily, my hair grew somewhat fast over the summer when i was home. DISASTER.

these two are the aftermath of the pixie cut. i made him even it out and then hoped for a miracle. it grew out and i never went to him again.

i decided it was time for a change (but not a length change, obviously), so i colored it dark and fell inlove with it. this color is actually lighter than my natural color apparently.

DARK CHOCOLATE BROWNIE(is what i think supps would call it):
yesterday i decided to go darker. nicole, my new hair stylist, said this is closer to my natural hair color. it's hard to believe since i have basically been blonde my whole life! i love this look the best. people tell me it looks "natural". haha which is a good change from all of the other ones!