Friday, May 27, 2011

fun facts

as i mentioned in my last post, i haven't really had anything cool to blog about. soooo, i decided to do some kylie-must-know facts. those who are already close to me probably already know all of these, but those who don't.. i'll try and humor you.

1. i'm blunt. if you don't want a straight up honest answer, don't ask for my opinion. i was always taught to say what's on my mind. if i think you're rude/don't like you, you'll know.

2. if you want to play me in words with friends there's a good chance i'll take a very long time to respond. but for the most part, i'll kick your boooooty.

3. i'm a cuddle monster. downskis to cuddle with anyone at any time.

4. when i'm in slc, i'm a home body. most nights i would rather stay in and kick my mom and phil's ass in rummy :) i was supposed to stay in tucson until mid to late july, but i can't. i'm going home next week! can't freeeeaking wait!

5. i'm a frequent sleep mode user. since i am usually holding down the granite solo, i have to have white noise in order to fall asleep and not get paranoid. i used to be the type of sleeper that had to sleep in COMPLETE darkness. funny how things change.

6. kortnie is the bestest friend in the whole world. she has been there for me for absolutely everything. she predicts my every move before it happens and laughs at the absurd comments i make when i'm frustrated. schloveeee her to the moon and back!

7. with my lack of motivation comes new activities. i have become addicted to 8 minute abs. maybe it's homeboys motivational words "come on gang!" "5 more gang." ha i'm a freak.

8. i don't and cannot do long distance relationships. this has most definitely been proven with a few relationships.

9. i want to go to greece sooooo bad! someone take me?

that's all.

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