Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sleepy Struggles

I have alwayyyyys been a sucker for sleep. Daily naptime after school in highschool, constantly sleeping in, and easily falling asleep at night (no matter what time it was). But lately I've been on the sleep struggle bus.

I blame this on a few bad habits of mine:

Food Network, mainly Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I always watch this (or any other Food Network show) at night. THIS IS SUCH A BAD IDEA!!! Guy Fiera is amazing and you all know how tasty the greasy food looks. Yep, makes me so hungry right before bed time, but i continue to do it!

Law and Order: SVU is my GUILTY PLEASURE! Naturally, it is always on tv from like 11 PM - around 1 AM. This is the worst idea to watch when you are home alone, or even just at night in general. My mind races after I watch this show, especially when I am trying to go to bed. Yet, it is so addicting. I have forced myself to only watch it in the day light (haha I'm a scaredy-cat)

As I mentioned before, I am NOT a morning person. Oversleeping messes with me trying to go to sleep at night. I need to put a mouse trap over my snooze button or something because that's what gets me into trouble in the mornings. I say I am going to get up at 9.... Yeah.. don't end up getting out of bed until 10:30.

finallllllly, I have found a solution (well my mom found it and sent it to me)
also known as god's gift to the world.
this magical vitamin/herb has saved my life. I didn't want to take a sleeping PILL, so my mom sent me a bottle of Melatonin and said that Phil and Heston swear by it. It seriously puts me to sleep like a little baby.

No more 3 am nights just staring at the tv/tossing & turning!

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