Wednesday, April 27, 2011

remember when...

as i sit here procrastinating to study i started thinking about the past... and how easy life used to be.

remember when...

you used to think high school was hard... then college came.

it was cool for boys to wear puka shells with frosted tips? haha yup. i'll admit that was my style in elementary.

drinking coffee meant you were deep and dark orrrr you were an adult? i thought it was the most disgusting drink ever and now i live on it.

sneaking out just to say you did it and then toiletpapering anyone who had good trees. that was definitely mine and meg's jam 9th grade and part of high school

giga pets? EVERY girl had one. period. had to feed that machine and make sure it went to the bathroom haha

your bed was "mysteriously" made and your laundry "magically" ended up on your chair all folded when you came home from school. thanks mama :)

OMG myspaceeeee! every girl had to change the design and layout of their myspace on the reg. you all did it.

you could eat anything and everything without having to go to the gym and you were magically 90 pounds. miss those days!

a high school break up was THE. END. OF. THE. WORLD. life was over, there was no point in living because so-and-so texted so-and-so and "omg, we broke up"

i never understood this one... saggy pants/JNCO jeans. why wear pants?

pulling all-nighters for fun/to say you did it... not because you had to study your life away.

anddd to all my SLCer's... umm hanging out at dan's grocery store on wasatch/desserts first on fridays for hourrrrs. granted, the brownie sundaes were soooo nummy!


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