Sunday, April 17, 2011

jaw droppers

lately, it seems like every movie i watch there is a ridiculously good looking man. so good looking that i actually say "he is so beautiful/hot" out loud. the last movies i have watched are she's the man, new moon, and the devil wears prada (clearly i've been in a chick flick mood). they have five of the most beautiful men in them. ahh!

my longest and most recent obsession.. channing tatum. wow. words don't really need to elaborate his good looks. i was recently reminded of him when i watched she's the man last night with kort and supple.

i honestly didn't know anything about garrett hedlund before country strong. singing... guitar... uhh yeah that's all i need.

team edward? robert pattinson had me before the twilight movies even started coming out. he definitelyyyy rocks the vampire role. :)

orrrr team jacob? i fell inlove with him when i saw him shirtless in new moon. wow. ha yeah, i can't pick which team im on anymore.

the devil wears prada, a favorite of mine. although simon baker is a little bit older, he is still veryyyy handsome.

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