Sunday, April 24, 2011

bro-ing out

this weekend was just the greatest. my bestyyy, feeps, and 3 of his friends came down to Tucson to play for the ending of their spring break. i offically feel like a bro after being with 4 guys for 4 days. they were the greatest. i've realized some things about boys...

- they don't stop eating.. i ate more this weekend than i have in 2 weeks. i've realize i HAVE to find me a guy who can grill because roley rocked my grill this weekend.

- they love beer. they went through beer like i go through water. my fridge was fully stocked every night!
(okay, my fridge didn't really look exactly like this, but i felt like it did!)

- manners. they had them!! i'm a sucker for manners. call me old-fashioned, but open my door and ill probably marry you. they cleaned, fed me, and were just the best house guests anyone could ask for!

- they watch more basketball than my attention span could handle. they are all lakers fans, so we watched the lakers game. but then there were like 5 more games after the lakers game. haha i couldn't handle it.

- they loveeee to sleep! they passed out anywhere and everywhere. i captured a few pictures of in a coma, but those are soon to come.

I ALREADY MISS THEM! i seriously want them to come back every weekend and hang out with me. they were basically my roomies all weekend.

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