Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i've been told i have been slacking on the blog lately, sorry!

a few updates:
1. i am absolutely addicted to stumble upon. i can't stop. my roomie sophomore year told me about it, but i always thought she was entertained with stupid sites (love you britt :]). i finally tried it the other day and it consumes me. if you haven't ever tried it, i highly recommend it!

2. the movie, country strong, came out on dvd yesterday. naturally, amanda and i went right to redbox and watched it with a glass of vino. i could watch this movie over and over. garrett and leighton are amazing together.

3. i had my second interview with Target yesterday for a paid summer internship in tucson! the internship is for their executive team leader position. i have a third interview on friday morning, so everyone CROSS THEIR FINGERS for me!

4. the last update is gross, but kind of makes me laugh. we have discovered these baby bugs (smaller than ants) in our kitchen. i wish someone would have recorded us last night. imagine this: amanda, lauren, and i. two vaccuums. hairspray. & clorox wipes. we vacuumed them up and then attacked their home bases with hairspray. it makes me laugh because clearly we are a bunch of girls. we would resort to hairspray to kill microscopic bugs haha!

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