Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bugs & convenience

two things that have nothing really in common..

i know all of you have experienced this: seeing and/or killing bugs and getting all squirmy. ick. i just killed this weird looking bug in my house (which NEVER happens) and i have the heebie jeebies! i feel like bugs are all over me. this happened the other night when i told you all about the roomies-trying-to-kill-mini-bugs incident. we felt like they were crawling under our skin. blah blah ickkkk.

okay, now convenience.. i've realized how big of a thing convenience is for me.
- i make large quantities of yummy pasta dishes so i can eat leftovers. convenient.
- i don't go get bug spray to kill all the creatures in my casa because it's not.. convenient.
- staying in tucson for the summer to take classes and possibly work. convenient.
- shopping at safeway, even though it's semi-expensive. conveniently close.
- living 10 steps from dirt bags. convenience.
- tweeting pointless tweets. convenience.
- my friends all ask me why i keep in contact with all the guys i've dated/gotten close with. yup, convenience. (my mom hates that this one is convenient. haha!)
- being in a relationship... mostly convenience.

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