Friday, April 8, 2011

ky's hair journey

so, i got my hair done yesterday and while the lady was washing my hair (obviously the best part)it made me realize how many different hair styles i have rocked over the years. it made me laugh and also, wonder what the hell i was thinking with some of them.

okay, really? this was a long stage of my life and seriously, what the hell was i thinking? it makes me wonder why my parents let me color my hair like this for so long. don't get me wrong, this look was "in" for a short period of time. but, of course, i repped it for hmm.. circa 8th grade to junior year of high school.

this look was the first time i decided to ditch the black underneath. it wasn't toooo crazy blonde, but got rid of the dark. this was pretty much only senior year.

summer after senior year to november of freshman year of college. every girl at U of A sported the platnium blonde hair. this is when i first started getting my hair done in tucson by a guy by the name of gian carlo. hilarious, gay, italian man. being this blonde just made me another fish in the sea of a thousand other girls.

after a girl in my sorority took the plunge of chopping her hair, it gave me some inspiration. i made my friend, lacey, come to Gadabouts with me to make sure i didn't chicken out. Gian Carlo put my hair in a pony tail... and just snipped it off. my jaw (as well as lacey's) dropped. i had had long hair from the day i could remember. this was a huge step for me. everyone started calling me and my best friend, kortnie, twins.

this one was a gem. note to self: never tell a man from italy he can do whatever he wants with your hair cut!!! this hair dou was a disaster. i got my hair done right before i was going home to be in one of my friend's weddings. it was some asymmetical/half almost buzzed on one side hair cut. i couldn't put it in a pony tail to work out. luckily, my hair grew somewhat fast over the summer when i was home. DISASTER.

these two are the aftermath of the pixie cut. i made him even it out and then hoped for a miracle. it grew out and i never went to him again.

i decided it was time for a change (but not a length change, obviously), so i colored it dark and fell inlove with it. this color is actually lighter than my natural color apparently.

DARK CHOCOLATE BROWNIE(is what i think supps would call it):
yesterday i decided to go darker. nicole, my new hair stylist, said this is closer to my natural hair color. it's hard to believe since i have basically been blonde my whole life! i love this look the best. people tell me it looks "natural". haha which is a good change from all of the other ones!

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