Monday, April 18, 2011


some things i've been absolutely hooked on lately..

grapefruits. i have been eating this every morning and i think they are just so delish.

i've gotten back into jack johnson this past week. it reminds me of high school. definitely missed him.

i have always been into himym, but lately i've been watching it every second i have a break. barney makes me die of laughter.

braids. my hair is so close to being able to braid. i try everyday hoping that it grew over night haha.

blogging, blogging, blogging. i'm always thinking about stuff i can blog haha i'm such a dork.

thanks to eller, who lovesss scheduling all their tests during the same week, i have nights when i have absolutely nothing to do. i've gotten back into reading... for fun.

cottage cheese & fruit. it has become my most favorite snack. its my fave when i put peaches or pears in it.

although my mattress sucks, i've been such a hermit. i make my room into a cave and just sleep for hours. thank god my landlord is getting me a new mattress. :)

i'm so sick of my music. it's the same stuff over and over. even when its on random. pandora has become my go-to jam sesh.

I CAN'T STOP STUMBLING!!! i've wasted so many hours on this stupid site.

thanks to stumbleupon, i've collected quite the collection of easy recipes i want to try out. amanda and i decided we are going to become chefs over the summer. we'll see how that turns out.

bracelets. i especially like the wrap around ones. i love piling them on my wrists.

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