Thursday, June 23, 2011

Generation FB

Clearly, this generation fully depends on social media, texting, and blogging. My mom has always said she didn't want a facebook because she didn't want to share her life story to the world. But, she hates when I call her from Arizona ranting about cute new Addy pictures. So, last night we set her up a facebook... I just about died. The fb lingo confused her and brought me to tears of laughter.

Me: "Well yeah, it should be on your newsfeed."
Mom: "Oh yeah, my newsfeed.. obviously."

Me: "Yeah, it would be easier if you were just tagged."
Mom: "Tagged? What the hell is tagged? Do I need to invite someone to tag me? Should they like me? I'm available to be tagged."

I am not kidding you, I was crying... full blown tears were streaming down my face.


Me: "Mom, have you looked at your wall today? People have posted on it."
Mom: "Oh really? Okay! I'll check it."

(10 minutes later my phone rings...)

Mom: "Wait, how do I look at my wall."

Made my day!

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