Thursday, June 2, 2011

pack, pack, pack

I feel like I am constantly finding myself packing ever since I moved to Arizona for school. Well, today was one of those days. This is usually how the packing extravaganza goes..

1. I just stare at my closet.. for a long time.

2. I call my mom... my dad... and kortnie to tell them how much I don't want to pack. Haha, this seriously happens everyyyyyy time.

3. I go back to staring at my closet.

4. I START to make piles.

5. Stare at the piles in aww and wonder why the effff I have so many clothes and shoes.

6. Then I pack.. feep's style. Seriously, this tactic has saved my life several times. He maneuvers everything so every nook and cranny is filled. This tactic almost alwayyyys results in an overweight bag at the airport, which has become avoidable with the kylie charm.

7. When I'm finally done (which I'm not yet), I feel so accomplished.

I've realized a few things since I started packing today...

1. I HAVE A SHOE PROBLEM!!! Okay, we all already knew this, but when it comes to picking and choosing which shoes to take home I CANNOT pick. Naturally, I end up taking all of them, but will only wear the same 7 or 8 pairs.

2. I realize that a lot of my shoes need to go to the shoe doctor. I texted Phil the other day and told him my "lift kits" (the spice girl-looking shoes I got for christmas that he hates) need to go to the shoe doctor when I get home.

Phil's response: "Just throw those whorey break-your-ankle-for-the-third-time fuckers away."

Ha ha, clearly broken bones don't stop me from wearing tall shoes!
they look like this..

3. No matter how loud I turn up my music (as loud as it will go), I can't overpower some people's voices. Gahh.
Two more days... Two more days!

Trace told me he would get me noise cancelling headphones to solve my DAILY problem haha!

Still have more to pack :(
Wish me luck!

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