Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Team BRO

So, I tend to be a guys' girl when I'm home.. meaning I would most definitely rather hang out with my guy friends over girls (no offense, ladies :)). Some people think this is beyond weird... but, you don't know salt lake city girl drama. Why do I prefer to bro out?

- This is what I deal with on the reg... Well, person A dated my ex boyfriend in 9th grade and I don't like person B because she wore the same outfit I wore on Friday. OH! and person C totes did drugs in high school, so I don't like her either. But, person B doesn't like person A because she's "sketch".

OKAY, obviously this is a little exaggerated.. BUT NOT BY A LOT! I love all my gal pals here, but holy shit people, we are 21 years old. Let's grow up? It's nearly impossible to go out without some girl hating another girl that is going to be at the same place.

I'd much rather hang out with dudes who can fight out their problems and then immediately be homies.

- Guys don't reminisce about my past ALLLLLLL DAY. Yeah, I've dated people. I don't need to talk about them every second of every day. We grow up and people change. End of story.

- My boys are just my favorite! They just go with it.. no set plan.. doesn't matter what outfit you wear, or "OMG I can't wear that because so-and-so saw me wear that a month ago." (like "he" will remember!)

I love all my girls, but wow.. they are difficult about 95% of the time.

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