Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Hi strangers! Once again, I disappeared for a bit! My bad.

The 4th of July weekend has always been one of my favorite weekends! This year, I wasn't disappointed.

It started off on Saturday at the Salt Lake Bar Crawl that my internship has put on for the past three years. I went in early to help regulate the crowds with Minya and then we went on the 8:00 group. Meg took a break from being a study bug and came and joined us! I met a crew of new people, reunited with some old, and had fun with the current.

Sunday morning my mom, Phil, and I all headed up to Park City for all of their festivities. We grabbed some lunch at The Wasatch Brewery on Main Street, shopped at the cute boutiques, and went to the Farmer's Market. After we were burnt out from the Main Street madness, we went swimming at our hotel. My mom was a little bit disappointed (I was too) because the pool at our hotel was deceiving.. it was kind of indoor and kind of outdoor... there was a cover over the roof that was clear.. so it was humid and everything echoed. We ran into a bit of a minor car emergency with Heston after the pool and had to come back down to Salt Lake.

My mom and I went back to Park City and went to The Canyons (along with the rest of Utah). It was pure insanity! Way too many people for that small of an area. We made the best of it and beat the traffic out of there after fireworks.

The 4th was our last day in Park City, so we went to lunch on Main Street again and just roamed around and went shopping at the outlets afterwards.

Monday night Minya and I went to my aunt's for dinner. Everyone was decked out in their 4th of July gear (Addy had on the cutest red cowgirl boots!)

Later, Mins and I met up with Justin, Matt, and Ashley and we went to the Sugarhouse fireworks with everyone. It was packed, but they always have the best fireworks.

Overall, it was a fun weekend in Small Lake City! Hope everyone had a fun 4th :)


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