Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Alert the media! I survived the drive from the dirty to slc. It honestly wasn't as bad as I was anticipating it to be. It was all worth it seeing as though I discovered the Rolo McFlurry! yummm

Anyyyyyway, I'm the happiest little camper now that I'm home. A few things that I adoreeee about Utah/being home:

1. Fully stocked fridge. My mama hooks uppppp all my favorites in the fridge when she knows I'm coming home. Pasta salad, grapefruits, fruit, salads, cheese, hummus, you name it.. it's in there. She rocks.

2. Utah's summers are just unnnnreal! Absolutely perfect temperature. I had my windows rolled down and it was actually a breeze instead of a heat wave like Tucson has. I also ran outside today, which neverrrr happens, and I wasn't too hot or too cold.. perrrrf for ky.

3. I love that I can walk outside bare foot without walking back inside with BLACK feet. In Tucson, I walk outside to take the garbage out and my feet look like I've been a homeless person for months. Ick!

4. Grobe brings me desserts! Ha ha he just started working at Great Harvest and called me last night to let me know he was bringing over a dessert basket. He knows me and my sweet tooth too well!

5. I don't have to worry about sketchhhhh people roaming the street. Let's be real here.. t-town is a scary place for a girl. Loveeee not having to stress over that crap for a few months. I mean how cute is it when you see little girls selling lemonade on the side of the road? You def couldn't do that in Tucson.

I'm def a happy girl lately! :)

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