Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Play-Doh Timeeee

Today was A-day (the best day of the week)
My madre bought Addy an icecream play-doh shoppe, which she loved.
It seems as though she knows the rules when it comes to play-doh time because every few minutes she would say...
"DON'T EAT IT!!!!"

It made me laugh so hard every time!

[serious business]

After play-doh time she was cleaning the whole kitchen counter with a soapy dish scrubber from the sink. She was sitting on the counter next to the toaster (that was on) and she touches it and goes...
"OUCH! TURN OSHH!!" (off)

She cracks me up. I'm gonna miss her when I leave in a few weeks!



  1. haha they're always real pics with addy bear. don't get too use to it!