Friday, August 5, 2011

5 ways...

to drive me absolutely bonkers..

1. Be late.. CONSTANTLY.
This drives me crazy. Maybe because I have always been good with time management. Lately, I have been dealing with people who tell you to be somewhere at a certain time and then they are uber late. Invest in a watch. Thanks.

2. Make me drive in traffic. My lack of patience and putting me in a car is easily one of the worst combinations for me. I think I would go crazy if I lived in LA or somewhere where there is a lot of traffic. Even ask Kort (because I'm usually on the phone with her).. I get road rage to Utah's idiot drivers. They put blinkers on cars for a reason. Use them. Thanks. :)

3. Be indecisive. I am already the most indecisive person as it is. Pairing me with another indecisive person is a recipe for disaster and zero productivity. No joke. My decision making is pathetic.

4. Be flakey. Don't make plans with someone if you aren't going to stick to them. Nuff said.

5. Be a stage 5 clinger. You boys that are this way drive every girl crazyyyy.. just sayin. Call/text me 9 more times.. I bet I still won't answer :]

That's all.

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