Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On Friday, I had to say bye to Grobe.... FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!! I'm not going to lie, I'm going to freaking miss him. This boy kept me sane. I probably spent more time with him than I did with any of my friends. He is going to study abroad in Amsterdam for the whole school year then travel all next summer... NOT OKAY!!

He told me to save up my nickles and we would meet up in Greece (I wish!)

This kid has been my best friend since hmm I dunno.. like 9th or 10th grade? He lives down the street so it has been super convenient. He knows me better than most...

His sarcasm never gets old..

My all time favorite is when he thinks he turns into a gangster when he gets drunk. He will call me even when I'm in Tucson and ask for a ride or say "what up girrrrl? where you at?"

So come back for Chistmas, K Grobe? I'm already having withdrawals.

Keep in touchhhh <33 xo.

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