Saturday, August 20, 2011

Journey to Tucson

These past few days have definitely kept me busy! It was full of driving, running errands, and crying (I'm a baby).

My dad decided that we were going to leave the big SLC at 6 AM on Thursday to head to Tucson... umm yeah.. it was rough (NOT a morning person). I had loaded up the green machine the night before so all I had to do was get up, brush my teeth, and go!

Of course, right before I leave I start getting all emotional when it came to the dreaded moment of having to say bye to my mom.

My dad and I drove through Page, Arizona this time, which was awesome because we went right next to Lake Powell (ohhhhh the memories at that lake).

My dad drove the whole way to Phoenix.. it was great even though I was Queen Uncomfortable/Antsy/Impatient when we got closer and closer. We hit Phoenix rush hour anddddd a dust storm. It was gross. I felt like I needed to brush my teeth the second I walked outside.

We went to dinner at this delicious pizza place with my dad's cousin, David, then continued on the trek to the dirty T. I drove and it was windy, dark, and dusty.

It was a fun weekend with my dad. We just ran errands, fixed things that only dads can fix, and ate delicious food (Sauce & Zinburger :])

My dorky dad in "his driver" at Costco.

After all of our errands were done I took him to the "hang out" aka Dirtbag's.

I drove him to Casa Grande today where we met David half way from Phoenix so they could go to a car show tonight. Yep, cried when I had to say bye to him too.. I'm weak sauce, I'm aware.

Overall, it was a fun roadtrip/weekend. The green machine was a champ and racked up around 1,000 miles!

Can't believe it's SENIOR YEAR!!!

can't wait.

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