Friday, September 30, 2011

"blog about it!"

^^This quote has become a frequently used line in Mister Max's vocabulary when he comes out with us granite ladies. (He thinks he's funny!)

So, Mister Maxwell Maris (Sup's cousin) is leaving the Dirty T in less than a week to go be a diver for the Navy, and I'm gonna miss him! Homeboy is always smiling, making fun of all of us, and he basically knows anything and everything you need to know.. and if he doesn't, he has his trusty iphone!

For those of you who don't know who Dom Mazzetti is, you need to youtube some of his videos! Max introduced me to the drunk girls video because he claims it reminds him of me and my friends!
"OMG you look so thinnnn. Have you lost weight?"
"OMG the cab's here!!"
ha I died when I watched it.

Even though Max constantly makes fun of me for blogging, he loves it [and admits it :) ], which is why he gets the honor of having a whole post dedicated to him haha!

Going to freakingggg miss you Max! Don't worry... "I'll blog about it."
alwayyyys messin with me!

Good luck, Navy diver!

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