Thursday, September 22, 2011

back from the dead

Ohhhh hiii! Remember me? Ha apparently real life > blog life lately.
My bad.

This blog is more of an update/cluster of randomness.

I've been everywhere the last few weekends. I went to Vegas over Labor Day with the most legit slash fun group of girls I could have gone with. And last weekend, I went to Scottsdale, which was also a nice little getaway. It will be nice to kind of hang out in Tucson this weekend (minus that my parents won't be here for family weekend :( )

I'm back at it in the cocktail/server world at Champs (miss you Oscars!), but I'm loving it. Everyone I work with rocks and it's easy money. On the downside, it sucks being the rookie because I swear I live there. I wake up.. go to school... go to Champs.. go back to sleep. Somehow I find time to squeeze the necessary homework sesh in there, but it's been a weird transition to balance everything.

School is semi taking over my life, but that's a given. I guess that's what senior year is for. I am trying to completely avoid having to go into the real world and look for a job as long as I possibly can.

I'm missing the fam bam, meg, and addy bear more than ever. I've been in Arizona for exactly a month and I'm already homesick (I rock). The stories my mom has been telling me about Adelynne never fail to make me almost cry of laughter. Gotta love her little obsessions/wants.

My madre and Phil are coming for the Homecoming game against the Utes and I serrrrriously cannot wait! Not sure who to cheer for... which is why I'll be rockin both team's gear

I've recently became obsessed/reobsessed with:

-Instagram (obvi, who hasn't?) (OBSESSED/GENIUS!)
-those damn bubble baths (because apparently my body thinks I'm an old lady)


-Whyyyyyy do people find it necessary to check-in at the gym or library? It's almost like they want a golden star. buggggs.
-New facebook (but everyone's bitching about it)

Now all I need is a personal masseuse that provides me with unlimited massages every night and I'll have no complaints!


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