Monday, March 14, 2011

kylie archives

my mom switched mine and heston's room before i came home from spring break, which means she was left with the wonderful job of cleaning out underneath my bed. ever since i've had that bed i've thrown everything i didn't want to deal with at the time under it. my mom put all the stuff she found in about 6 was like a walk down memory lane.

i found pictures, jewelry, pictures, pom poms, pictures, my "accident prone" award from cheer, pictures, a box full of love/apology letters from an ex, pictures, scrap books, pictures, teddy bears, cds, pictures, tiffany's & juicy jewelry boxes, and a whole bunch of trinkets i had to have in jr high and high school. i couldn't stop laughing.

haha heston's arts & crafts

some oldie pictures

someeeeone spoiled me in high school...

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