Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"chywee wose" -addy bear

today was A day (my favorite)! poor addy is sick, but was in a surprisingly good mood. she really liked standing in the sink today.. she's so stinkin cute.

we went to the vacuum store, which is actually a little girl's dream place. naturally, she wanted to play with the vacuums that were 3 times her size over the kid toys that they had. my madre purchased a new vacuum (watch out world haha!)

and my favorite...

addy's lingo
1. "mawl" = mall (kerst is gonna be in trouble when she grows up)
2. "mear wee wee" = come here lori
3. "chitin nudits" = chicken nuggets
4. "chywee wose" = kylie rose
5. "noo noos" = noodles
6. "buy it" = everything in the mall that she thinks is "pretty"
7. "jit out now wee wee" = get me out of this damn carseat/high chair
8. "no" = her go-to word haha
9. "jraw chywee wose" = come draw
10. "tweat" = treat/cookie

i looooove A day :) she's such a cutieee patootie

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  1. I'm in love with this post! And in love with these photos. You're too cute.