Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For those of you who didn't know yet, Laz is coming to visit me in Tucson for my birthday weekend!!!!
I've posted about it for probsss two weeks now. I am so excited that I just want to scream!
Easily the best birthday surprise ever!
She gets here on my actual birthday, Friday, and it's going to be non-stop until she leaves!
I was looking through some old pictures of us yesterday and I COULD NOT stop laughing.
We've gone through pretty much everything and anything together.
This girl knows when I've done something stupid even when I'm in another state!

We have gone through so many stages together:
-Too much eyeliner stage
-Matching EVERY part of our outfits stage
-Crimping/waving our hair every Friday stage (my favorite)
-Being the color of leather stage
-Long hair/short hair stage
-And now, the all grown up stage :\

These pictures are just a little timeline (haha sorry laz!)

Haha. ohhhhhh we were so pretty

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