Monday, February 28, 2011

flagstaff weekend getaway

after a rough thursday night and friday day, it was time to get out of tucson for a bit. kort, sups, and i all drove up to flagstaff arizona for the weekend to play with kort's guy friends from home. it was a blast & much needed! it was a weekend full of dancing, "icing", sleeping when possible, and snow. friday night we went downtown and bar hopped and danced the night away. saturday day we hit up buffalo wild wings so the boys could grub out and watch the BYU and San Deigo basketball game. when we needed to go home on sunday morning, naturally, it had snowed about 5-6 inches (we drove up in a rear-wheel drive BMW... aka snow death trap). overall, flag is a ski bum town and reminds me of park city. im excited to go back! here are some pictures of the weekend. xo

aaron is a redbull rep-he was handing them out the whole weekend like they were candy.

pre-snow storm

iced blair

tryin to stay warm


downtown flag


herrrrrow icing aaron

taxi ride.. true loveee

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