Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For those of you who didn't know yet, Laz is coming to visit me in Tucson for my birthday weekend!!!!
I've posted about it for probsss two weeks now. I am so excited that I just want to scream!
Easily the best birthday surprise ever!
She gets here on my actual birthday, Friday, and it's going to be non-stop until she leaves!
I was looking through some old pictures of us yesterday and I COULD NOT stop laughing.
We've gone through pretty much everything and anything together.
This girl knows when I've done something stupid even when I'm in another state!

We have gone through so many stages together:
-Too much eyeliner stage
-Matching EVERY part of our outfits stage
-Crimping/waving our hair every Friday stage (my favorite)
-Being the color of leather stage
-Long hair/short hair stage
-And now, the all grown up stage :\

These pictures are just a little timeline (haha sorry laz!)

Haha. ohhhhhh we were so pretty

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweeeeet Toothhh

Those of you who know me know I LOVE sugar.
I've been eating kinda bad lately so, I decided to challenge myself last week and ban myself from candy, baked goodies, and sweets to kinda "cleanse" my body.

umm okay, this is one of the hardest things I've done and I've only made it a week!
My goal is to make it to my birthday, which is a week away!
Laz has been my "sponsor" but, seeing as though Utah is an hour ahead and Meg goes to bed at 9:30 UTAH TIME it's been a challenge!
I'm really hoping the Uswirl cravings go away ASAP!
. I actually feel a lot better so far!
Wish me luck!

Friday, September 30, 2011

"blog about it!"

^^This quote has become a frequently used line in Mister Max's vocabulary when he comes out with us granite ladies. (He thinks he's funny!)

So, Mister Maxwell Maris (Sup's cousin) is leaving the Dirty T in less than a week to go be a diver for the Navy, and I'm gonna miss him! Homeboy is always smiling, making fun of all of us, and he basically knows anything and everything you need to know.. and if he doesn't, he has his trusty iphone!

For those of you who don't know who Dom Mazzetti is, you need to youtube some of his videos! Max introduced me to the drunk girls video because he claims it reminds him of me and my friends!
"OMG you look so thinnnn. Have you lost weight?"
"OMG the cab's here!!"
ha I died when I watched it.

Even though Max constantly makes fun of me for blogging, he loves it [and admits it :) ], which is why he gets the honor of having a whole post dedicated to him haha!

Going to freakingggg miss you Max! Don't worry... "I'll blog about it."
alwayyyys messin with me!

Good luck, Navy diver!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

back from the dead

Ohhhh hiii! Remember me? Ha apparently real life > blog life lately.
My bad.

This blog is more of an update/cluster of randomness.

I've been everywhere the last few weekends. I went to Vegas over Labor Day with the most legit slash fun group of girls I could have gone with. And last weekend, I went to Scottsdale, which was also a nice little getaway. It will be nice to kind of hang out in Tucson this weekend (minus that my parents won't be here for family weekend :( )

I'm back at it in the cocktail/server world at Champs (miss you Oscars!), but I'm loving it. Everyone I work with rocks and it's easy money. On the downside, it sucks being the rookie because I swear I live there. I wake up.. go to school... go to Champs.. go back to sleep. Somehow I find time to squeeze the necessary homework sesh in there, but it's been a weird transition to balance everything.

School is semi taking over my life, but that's a given. I guess that's what senior year is for. I am trying to completely avoid having to go into the real world and look for a job as long as I possibly can.

I'm missing the fam bam, meg, and addy bear more than ever. I've been in Arizona for exactly a month and I'm already homesick (I rock). The stories my mom has been telling me about Adelynne never fail to make me almost cry of laughter. Gotta love her little obsessions/wants.

My madre and Phil are coming for the Homecoming game against the Utes and I serrrrriously cannot wait! Not sure who to cheer for... which is why I'll be rockin both team's gear

I've recently became obsessed/reobsessed with:

-Instagram (obvi, who hasn't?) (OBSESSED/GENIUS!)
-those damn bubble baths (because apparently my body thinks I'm an old lady)


-Whyyyyyy do people find it necessary to check-in at the gym or library? It's almost like they want a golden star. buggggs.
-New facebook (but everyone's bitching about it)

Now all I need is a personal masseuse that provides me with unlimited massages every night and I'll have no complaints!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

freshhhhh meat

Alright guys, I feel old. I'm a senior and it's so weird seeing all of the freshman everywhere. They stick out like sore thumbs though..

1. get chased down by the Rec employees for bringing oversized bags in..rookies
2. bust out those campus maps like it's their job (I did it too when I was a little guy)
3. talk on their phones WHILE on the eliptical (great work out right?)
4. landyard OR DIEEEE! (can't lose that dorm room key!)
5. rock heels to school (uhh remember high school?)

Soooooo sickkk.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Journey to Tucson

These past few days have definitely kept me busy! It was full of driving, running errands, and crying (I'm a baby).

My dad decided that we were going to leave the big SLC at 6 AM on Thursday to head to Tucson... umm yeah.. it was rough (NOT a morning person). I had loaded up the green machine the night before so all I had to do was get up, brush my teeth, and go!

Of course, right before I leave I start getting all emotional when it came to the dreaded moment of having to say bye to my mom.

My dad and I drove through Page, Arizona this time, which was awesome because we went right next to Lake Powell (ohhhhh the memories at that lake).

My dad drove the whole way to Phoenix.. it was great even though I was Queen Uncomfortable/Antsy/Impatient when we got closer and closer. We hit Phoenix rush hour anddddd a dust storm. It was gross. I felt like I needed to brush my teeth the second I walked outside.

We went to dinner at this delicious pizza place with my dad's cousin, David, then continued on the trek to the dirty T. I drove and it was windy, dark, and dusty.

It was a fun weekend with my dad. We just ran errands, fixed things that only dads can fix, and ate delicious food (Sauce & Zinburger :])

My dorky dad in "his driver" at Costco.

After all of our errands were done I took him to the "hang out" aka Dirtbag's.

I drove him to Casa Grande today where we met David half way from Phoenix so they could go to a car show tonight. Yep, cried when I had to say bye to him too.. I'm weak sauce, I'm aware.

Overall, it was a fun roadtrip/weekend. The green machine was a champ and racked up around 1,000 miles!

Can't believe it's SENIOR YEAR!!!

can't wait.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On Friday, I had to say bye to Grobe.... FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!! I'm not going to lie, I'm going to freaking miss him. This boy kept me sane. I probably spent more time with him than I did with any of my friends. He is going to study abroad in Amsterdam for the whole school year then travel all next summer... NOT OKAY!!

He told me to save up my nickles and we would meet up in Greece (I wish!)

This kid has been my best friend since hmm I dunno.. like 9th or 10th grade? He lives down the street so it has been super convenient. He knows me better than most...

His sarcasm never gets old..

My all time favorite is when he thinks he turns into a gangster when he gets drunk. He will call me even when I'm in Tucson and ask for a ride or say "what up girrrrl? where you at?"

So come back for Chistmas, K Grobe? I'm already having withdrawals.

Keep in touchhhh <33 xo.